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Create Web Services in 15 Minutes

Instant access to you enterprise data without a single statement.
SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - lets you create a Web Service to your enterprise data within 15 minutes.
All you need is a Servlet Container, a Database and a Browser.
The information can be accessed either via a SOAP Document/Literal Style Web Service or a simple XML-Request/Response structure.
A free download and license is available as also a free Eclipse Plugin that lets you implement the data into your business application.
The data is secured by userid / role permissions. The WSDL for the Web Service can be public or private so you decide who accesses your data.
Data consistency over platforms is provided by an independency layer that makes it easy to migrate the underlying data to another source.

SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - the fastest and easiest way to implement SOA into your organization.

More Information

» SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - Release 1.5 now provides a JDBC Interface and a Web Service Connector
The Release 1.5 of SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - has been released today. It includes two major Enhancements for the Limited / Developer Edition. It provides a JDBC Interface and a new Web Service Connector.
The commercial "Professional Edition" now implements a XML Transformation Service and further Enhancementsin the Extended Container Feature.

» SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - Version 1.4 released
As announced in our Roadmap, we announce the release of Version 1.4of our Virtual Data Federation Server, SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - in time.All new Features are only available under the commercial License Professional Edition. Customers with an existing maintenance contractwill receive either a download or a CD Image via their known distribution channel.

» SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - Roadmap released
Releasing the official Roadmap for its Virtual Data Federation Server SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - SAGA D.C enables theirusers and customers to plan for all future releases in 2006The roadmap contain all release dates up to the end of the first Halfyear 2006. It also includes Features that will be implemented into the Software within the year of 2006.

» SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - Version 1.3 released
Version 1.3 of SAGA.M31 - Galaxy - the Virtual Data Federation Server has been released. as the free of charge Developer and Limited Edition.
Since November 2005, the commercial version - called Professional Edition - proofs several thousand requests per day at SAGA's customer. Now, this secureand reliable version is also availble for free download to the community with the limitation of 5 concurrent Container named Limited Edition.

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